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January 19, 2024 NAMING CEREMONY OF HNS. S528 & S529

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On January 19, 2024, in the morning, the Naming Ceremony of HNs. S528 & S529, 50K PC was carried out successfully with the attendance of Representatives of the Owner, Class, and Yard. S528 & S529 are the last couple in 6 vessels of the Asiatic Lloyd project, Singapore. After welcoming the Owner delegation, the Naming ceremony was started by saluting the National Flags, after that was a welcoming Speech by Mr. S. H. Kim / President & CEO of HVS.

 The ceremony went through the main rituals such as reading encomium, naming axing, and champagne breaking performed by sponsors. After completion of final inspections, S528 & S524 will be delivered at the end of February.