Becoming a leading shipbuilder in the world is our goal.

CEO letter

Thank you very much for your interest in HVS

Dear Customers!
The world is changing, but our value is not.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers and friends for helping HD Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding (HVS) successfully build its position and reputation as Asia's leading shipyard.

Since its operation in 1999, HVS has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in shipbuilding techniques through the repair and conversion of various types of vessels, including very challenging offshore projects.

As a result of this great success in the repair and conversion business, HVS has confidently decided to concentrate on shipbuilding, focusing on customer satisfaction.

With such accumulated experience and the latest technology, together with the full support of the parent company, HD Hyundai Mipo., Ltd of Korea, HVS entered the shipbuilding business in 2008 and has successfully delivered over 160 new vessels to date, all of which have been highly praised by their owners for the high quality and performance.

With the aim of becoming one of the world's leading shipyards, HVS will continue to strive for customer orientation, high quality production and advanced shipbuilding technology.

We look forward to having the pleasure of serving you as a reliable business partner.
Sincerely yours,

President of HD Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding (HVS) Song Hag, Kim