Becoming a leading shipbuilder in the world is our goal.

Edu Training

HVS provides various educational opportunities and
support to nurture staff members with
expertise and proper values for performance creation.
    General Education

    General Education is held periodically inside or outside company. Offering a wide range of courses for employees in effort to help them enrich more knowledge of lives as well as gain higher awareness on working, including:

    • Company business situation: revenue, signed contract, vision of future development…
    • Soft skills: time management & work arrangement, giving impressive presentation & public speaking, communication & clever behavior in work place, self-developing and promote internal abilities, releasing stress…
    Skill Contest

    Every year, HD Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (HVS) organizes the HVS Skill Contest in coordination with the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, to create opportunities for the contestants to represent all employees in the company together with subcontractors to demonstrate their workmanship through 5 contents: hull-welding, hull-fitting, out-welding, out-fitting and painting. The contest is an opportunity to show the qualifications and capabilities of shipbuilders increasingly improved and perfected, meeting the stringent requirements of the world shipbuilding industry. The 1st winner of each contest will receive cash, medal, foreign tour to Korea meanwhile the 2nd and 3rd winners will receive cash, medal and domestic tour. In particular, all winners will be awarded certificates of merit by the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs.

    Practice & Internship

    HVS is always pay much attention on developing local education and sponsoring enthusiastically for education activities. It’s the reason why there are many universities show their trust to send their students to practice & internship here. At present, we have long term relationship with below education organizations in order to lay foundation for further recruitment:

    • Nha Trang university
    • Da Lat university
    • Pacific Ocean university
    • Ninh Hoa vocational school
    English program

    Working in a forein company, HVS’s employees are required to be able to communicate and perform work in written English. To assist them in frequently level up their English as well as create more confidence to work daily with Korean staff or even with ship owners. Catch up the actual need, many English courses are created annually with different contents and aimed to develop learners’s weak skills:

    • Course of enriching vocabulary by necessary new words in daily working; Course of 360 communication skill on Hellochao. vn website; Course of improving TOEIC score.
    • In order to create good conditions for all staff having the opportunity to practice and achieve higher scores in TOEIC exam as well as apply strictly TOEIC scores into promotion evaluation, HVS hold TOEIC test for all HVS’s employees 5 times/ year.