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HVS – 26 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT (November 21, 2022)

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Looking back on the company's operation and development journey

Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (HVS) was established on October 16th, 1996 with the field of repairing, converting, building new ships and processing offshore steel structures.

On April 26th, 1999 HVS was inaugurated and officially put into operation, marking the first steps of an international shipbuilding company.

In August 2008, HVS started to move into the field of new construction, mainly large Bulk Carriers with support from HMD Company (Korea).

In 2011, HVS switched to completely new construction and by the end of October 2022, HVS had handed over more than 150 bulk carriers and oil tankers to ship owners from countries such as Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, Italy, Japan, India, …


In order to recognize the efforts, dedications and contributions of employees, HVS always takes care of social welfare, aiming for employees to have the best working environment.

HVS always adheres to the regulations on policies such as salary, insurance, allowances for employees, labor protection, regulations on working conditions, etc. to ensure the safety of employees. workers have access to the best conditions. At the same time, the company also continuously invests and improves benefits such as increasing the price of rations, providing more fruit and drinking water in the hot season, installing vending machines, repairing Vietnamese dormitories, provide scholarships for children of CNV, …

For society, HVS has always been active in charitable activities such as supporting scholarships for schools in the area, cleaning the marine environment, contributing to the construction of houses of gratitude for the poor in Ninh Hoa, financial resources, etc. support for Nha Trang Sea Festival, ... contribute a lot to the development of the province.


Goals of development

From the early days of establishment until now, HVS has operated with many difficulties, but all employees have not stopped trying, trying to get to where it is today. It is a great and encouraging achievement that all employees of HVS have achieved. 26 years of establishment and development has affirmed a strong brand "Hyundai Vietnam" in the international market.

HVS sets a vision to 2030, each year can build 20 new ships, diversify types of ships, aim to order 20 ships per year from 2030, increase revenue and profit, jobs for more than 5,000 workers reside in the province.

After the rain, the sun shines again, after each difficulty, it makes the will to fight stronger. The HVS of the early days of its establishment is the raw land of rock, the HVS of today is the buildings, workshops, ships preparing to go far. Only then can we see that the efforts of the leadership and all employees of HVS are worthy of recognition. We have every right to be proud of that.