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HVS – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 (January 16, 2023)

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A year has passed with many changes and innovations. We prepare to welcome the new year with many desires and ambitions. Closing the year of 2022 with non-stop work, along with the confidence and consensus of all employees (CNV), Hyundai Vietnam (HVS) today has achieved some pretty great achievements. The biggest event in the past year was probably the inauguration and putting into operation of the 700 tons Goliath Crane – this is the largest crane in Southeast Asia. This crane installation event is a big turning point in the production and business activities of HVS. This contributes to an increase in the shipbuilding capacity from 108,000 tons to 136,000 tons, and can handle the growing volume of shipbuilding without any hindrance. Marking big turning points for the development of an international shipbuilding company. Welcoming the New Year – 2023, on the morning of January 3, 2023, HVS also held a ceremony to welcome the new year and launched safety implementation. At the ceremony, Mr. Lee Jong Chan - President of HVS gave an overview of the business plan in 2023 and important management policies. With the slogan: "Increasing business revenue on the basis of safety and successfully building new ships", HVS sets a revenue target of USD 544 million in 2023, no major accidents, 7% increase in productivity, successfully built 110,000 ton tankers, built a harmonious and symbiotic corporate culture, focused heavily on internal stability and laid the foundation for future growth. The main tasks that must be done this year to achieve the above business goals are: Building safe and high-quality workplaces; Ensure stable workload; Ensure profitability and competitiveness; Create a base system for building 20 vessels. In order to achieve this goal, Mr. Lee requires to promote the implementation of a number of following things: The first: let's all work together to build an accident-free workplace, no matter what happens, safety must come first. Your safety is the root of the company's existence and is a top priority value, nothing can be changed. The second: must ensure the core technology only available at HVS to guarantee the contract volume; The third: overcome immediate difficulties with harmony and symbiosis; The fourth: we must strive to strengthen our competitiveness by increasing production productivity. At the end of the ceremony, there was an image of intimate handshakes between the leaders and employees, implying encouragement, working together for the future of each of us, and for HVS! The BOD of HVS would like to wish all employees and their families a happy new year with good health and happy work. HVS would also like to send best wishes to customers who have trusted and accompanied us in the past time. With the goal of becoming the world's leading shipbuilding company, we always listen and hope to receive your sincere suggestions with the motto "Customer is God". HVS always strives to become a reliable and loyal partner. Hopefully in the new year, HVS will sign more contracts, have more customers, achieve more success and have policies to take care of employees.