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On August 13, 2006 HIV/AIDS Prevention Board of HVS consisting of 20 members attended a training course organized by Khanh Hoa Health Communication and Education Center at Nha Trang Health Education Club. The training course is within the scope of “Sexual health & Safety and AIDS prevention for male” sponsored by Ford Foundation.
Participating in the training course, members of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Board of the Company were instructed method of propagandizing against HIV/AIDS including subjects on sex, sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases, voluntary consultant and test service, no discrimination against people infected with HIV.
After the training course, Doctor Tôn Thất Toàn – Director of Khanh Hoa Health Communication and Education appreciated the consideration of HVS BOD and the enthusiasm of members of HIV/AIDS Prevention Board of HVS. Hopefully, after the course, HVS members shall deploy well the task of propagandizing against HIV/AIDS to each worker of the Shipyard in order to raise their awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS.