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Celebrating the publication of the book
Cover of the book
On 02/10/2006, Mr. Lee Sung Woo - HVS President - organized a ceremony to celebrate publication of the book “The story of 10 years' investment in Vietnam” written by him.

He is one of the persons who made the investment plan and managed business production activity of the shipyard. He has attached with the country and people of Vietnam for 7 years. That's why he nurtured an idea of writing the book “The story of 10 years' investment in Vietnam” about the land that he considers his second hometown. He started writing the book since 4/2006, and in 10/2006 it was finished.

In the book he mentioned the establishment and development of the shipyard with his feelings and thoughts when he was working with Vietnamese people. 10 years since its establishment and operation, HVS had developed quickly and was known as one of the best shipyard in the region and in the world.

The book was printed in 300 editions, in Korean to offer Korean experts, ship owners, customers and his friends in Vietnam.