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On March 24, 2023, the Laborer Conference of HVS in took place at the HVS's education room. Attending the conference were Mr. Vu Minh Phu, Head of Production and Business Dep’t of SBIC – V. Chairman of HVS Member Council, Mr. Tran Ba Thanh, Chairman of SBIC’s Trade Union. On HVS side, there were Mr. Lee Jong Chan - President, Mr. Choi Gyu Ha – Sn. V. President. On the side of HVS’s Trade Union, there were Mr. Le Van Toan, Chairman of Trade Union – Sn. V. President, members of the Executive Committee of HVS Trade Union and 110 delegates representing 2,834 employees of HVS attended. Mr. Lee Jong Chan delivered a speech to welcome the conference, in which he expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of all employees. He also hoped that through this conference, the delegates would promote their wisdom, contribute ideas and solutions to improve quality, productivity, and save costs together with HVS to complete the production target in 2023. The conference heard, discussed and approved the reports: summarizing the business situation in 2022 and the planned tasks in 2023; results of the employee conference at the departmental level and recommendations of the employees; the implementation of the Collective Labor Agreement; occupational safety and health results and improvement of working conditions; the situation of petitions and settlement of complaints and denunciations in 2023; performance of welfare and funds in 2022. Mr. Choi Hyu Ha – SN. V. President of HVS reported the business situation and the plan for 2023, according to which the revenue target in 2023 is 544 million USD (equal to 2022), 13 vessels are booked and handed over 13 vessels. The report also provides a Vision 2027 whereby HVS will build 20 ships/year, striving to achieve a profit of 10% on revenue. Also at the Conference, the Presidium responded to 19 recommendations of employees gathered from the departmental conference of employees and 9 comments directly contributed at the Conference. Speaking at the conference, Mr. Tran Ba Thanh, Chairman of SBIC’s Trade Union recognized and highly appreciated the organization, the vibrant democratic atmosphere of the conference and the results that the company has achieved in 2022, and at the same time encourage the collective of employees to continue to unite and strive to successfully complete the business plan in 2023.