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In the afternoon of 14-Oct-2006, HVS formally organized a festival on the occasion of its 10th years’ establishment (16-Oct-1996 ~ 16-Oct-2006). This is an annual traditional activity which has deep meaning to material and spiritual life of HVS employees.
Opening the program was force praising marching performance of all departments. After that was sport activities such as football, volleyball, tug of war, obstacle race. The final result as below:
Football: 1st prize: Admin; 2nd prize: Hull; 3rd prize: Painting & Machinery
Volleyball: 1st prize: Others; 2nd prize: Support; 3rd prize: Hull & Painting
Tug of war: 1st prize: Hull & Painting; 3rd prize: Machinery & Others
General prize: 1st prize: Hull & Painting; 3rd prize: Others

Closing the festival was lottery program with many valuable gifts.
Mr. Lương Thanh Hùng (Electric); Lê Quốc Đạt (Hull); Nguyễn Tấn Sỹ (Machinery) won special prize (a motorbike Korea 100cc valued 8,500,000 VND/person.
The festival took place in solidarity, jubilant, and ebullient atmosphere.