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On April 3rd 2006, Tam Dao I jack-up rig berthed HVS for repairing within 180 days, including 60 days in dry dock.
Up to now, basically HVS completed main repairing items of Tam Dao jack-up rig such as renewal of 210 tons of steel; renewal of 10,200m of pipes; blasting & coating 119,432m2 of tank, hull; renewal of 4 sets of generators, raising the generator capacity by 40%; installation of a crane, a set of mud pump and a set of draw work.
As scheduled, the delivery date is on October 6th 2006. This is the pressing stage to prepare for testing generator, crane, set of mud pump, and set of draw work. However, HVS strives for delivering Tam Dao I jack-up rig in the end of September 2006.
In accordance with evaluation of Vietsovpetro, in this repairing time, HVS satisfied requirements in quality and progress of repairing. The project also received care of Vietsovpetro President and Vice-President, who visited HVS many times to co-operate with BOD of HVS to solve problems in repairing progress aimed at completing project in time.
After finishing Tam Dao project, Vietsovpetro will continue to repair Hoang Sa, Truong Sa crane ship, Cuu Long jack-up rig at HVS in 2007. These are ships that used to be repaired at HVS before.