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In order to encourage working spirit of employees, improve productivity, ensure quality, working progress, and safety in working, the company decided to award groups of Hull, Painting, Machinery, Electric, Support Dep’t that completed excellently PCTC Eukor project.
PCTC Eukor project is an elongation conversion of 2 pure car & truck carriers named Asian Empire and Asian Majesty. Asian Empire vessel was converted from 16-May ~ 3-Jul, and Asian Majesty vessel from 5-Jul ~ 23-Aug. These vessels were completed in time, with high quality and absolute safety.

Name list of awarded employees:
1. Hull Dep’t Mr. Nguyễn Trung Trực
2. Hull Dep’t Mr. Huỳnh Xuân Thái
3. Painting Dep’t Mr. Vũ Hoàng Khánh
4. Painting Dep’t Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Long
5. Machinery Dep’t Mr. Nguyễn Công Điền
6. Machinery Mr. Hồ Ngọc Tú
7. Electric Dep’t Mr. Huỳnh Trọng Minh
8. Electric Dep’t Mr. Hà Trọng Hiển
9. Support Dep’t Mr. Nguyễn Văn Tiến
10. Q/C Dep’t Mr. Hoàng Long