Becoming a leading shipbuilder in the world is our goal.

Safety, Health, Environment


With the unwavering recognition that there is nothing more valuable than our lives in the world, we assure all employees and all stakeholders that will continue to implement and develop the above problems. so that everyone can put safety and health first and keep it done in our company.



Pre-Prevention will achieve "zero accident"
  1. Blocking serious accidents by establishing a preventive safety culture
  2. Improvement of unsafe behavior on site through active safety intervention.
  3. Building safety first at workplace.
Promotion health condition for all employees
  1. Structures already exist within the workplace for occupational health and safety requirements, which can be easily utilized to deliver health promotion activities.
  2. The workplace offers enormous potential to reach large numbers of people with information and assistance to improve their health and well-being.
  3. It is in the common interest of employers and employees to promote health at work.
  4. Employee health and fitness for work are closely linked and are key factors in any organizations drive towards greater effectiveness, competitiveness and productivity.
Pass on a green environment to future generations
  1. Create a foundation for green growth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Gain trust and ensure transparency based on open environmental control.

The new future is made by out technology.

HVS is working hard to realize a happy society.

  • Safety management

    1. Safety Management
    2. Protective Measures for hazardous Machine, and Instrument
    3. Inspection of Machine and Instrument
    4. Safety Inspection and Patrol
    5. Safety Standard
    6. Handling of Hazardous Material
    7. Permit to Work
    8. Accident Investigation and Countermeasure
  • Health

    1. Health examination for employees, including periodic health checks and detection of occupational diseases: 1 year / 1 time. Maintain operation of the HVS clinic: new employee health check, employees with high or low blood pressure, employees have epilepsy. Besides, dispensing medicine daily for employees with common diseases such as respiratory, dermatology, cardiovascular, ear, eye, nose, mouth, headache, fever... Give first aid to occupational accidents. Use personal protective equipment every day. Carry out propaganda for disease prevention.

  • Working Environment

    1. For HVS employees who are regularly contact to noise, dust, temperature, solvent vapors, metal vapors, etc, these are harmful elements, affecting the health of workers, potentially causing the Occupational diseases, cancers, ... The implementation of working environment monitoring is an essential job in order to detect risks early and timely control measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. At the same time, the implementation of working environment monitoring aims to strictly comply with the regulations of the State on labor working environment monitoring. Employers are obliged to ensure working environment and safety conditions; at the same time, inspect and assess the hazardous and harmful factors at the workplace, propose measures to eliminate, minimize hazards and harms, and improve working conditions. Maintain working environment monitoring 1 year / 1 time.

  • Education

    1. Safety training center
    2. Simulation training at service tower
    3. Monthly simulation education
    4. Monthly safety campaign
    5. Special education for heavy equipment operators (Cranes, Forklift, C/picker, Gondola, etc)
    6. Follow up industry safety & hygiene training by Vietnam regulation.
  • Health
  • Working Environment
  • Education
  • Safety management